Carpet Vacuum

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Long-lasting Results

  • Super Quick Drying Time

  • No Soaps or Harsh Chemicals

  • 100% Safe for Children and Pets

  • The Best Equipment On The Market For Superior Results!

Step 1

Clear any light furniture, We ask before we arrive can any valuables be moved off these surfaces

Step 2

Vacuum the rooms fully with our commercial grade high power vacuum to remove dirt and dust deep in the pile 

Step 3

Your carpet is checked for any imperfections, these are repaired with heat treatment. We also test the fibres to ensure we use the correct chemicals for the pile

Step 4

The unique blend of chemicals are mixed and sprayed into the pile of the carpet. This includes an Anti bacterial, Stain Remover &  Refreshing deodoriser 

Step 5

Agitation Process - Our Commercial duel Brush agitator brushes the Chemical mix deep into the pile and lifts the dirt and stains trapped deep below the surface 

Step 6

Steam & Extraction - Our top of the range Twin motor steam extraction system penetrates the carpet deep into the pile and extracts all dirt water and germs leaving the carpet clean and hygienic 

Step 7

Drying - Our rapid Carpet dryers will start to dry your carpet to ensure they dry quickly and smelling fresh.

Step 8

Professional Grade Stain Guard - This additional service will guarantee your carpets will be left protected from stains and germs for at least 12 months. 


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